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Forum:Imagesof now added by default

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Since the imagesof parameter in infobox templates, which creates a link to "Images of" categories, seems to be working pretty well, I've turned it on by default across the infoboxes that use it ({{Class}}, {{Iconic}}, {{Creature}}, {{Person}}). This means for those infoboxes, if the corresponding "Images of" category exists, the infobox link shows up automatically; you no longer need to specify the imagesof parameter to make it show up in most cases. For an example, see boggard; there's an "Images of boggards" link, but no imagesof parameter in the template.

The parameter guesses that creatures and classes append a single "s" to the page name for the plural form used in categories. In cases where this isn't true, like "witches" and "magi", you still must specify the imagesof parameter with the correct plural form.

If you don't want the link to appear in an infobox, you can add the imagesof parameter to the infobox but leave its value blank, like this:

| imagesof =
Very cool, thank you Oznogon.