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I'm also trying something with region maps, using the CUP Inner Sea region map and the OpenLayers map viewer. Check out the infobox on Usaro for an example.

My main concern is whether this use follows the CUP. The image isn't technically cropped, resized, or modified as part of the process—it's only providing a way to navigate the full-resolution image, similar to our use of the same map on Portal:Geography—but I don't know if I'm treading too close to the line.

For an alternative use, see {{Region_map/doc/Large_example}}.

It does seem like this skirts really close to the line on the terms of the CUP, but technically, we're not altering the image in any way. I would suggest you make a post on the Paizo boards or email and ask directly. If there's anyone who can state officially if we'd be violating the CUP by including these sorts of images on the wiki, it'd be Liz or Chris.

Will do. It's probably worth noting that Morbus Iff's Google Maps-powered site uses the same image the same way, and according to him it was allowed under the CUP. This just uses a different mapping library and embeds it into the wiki.

Per Chris, way back in April:

Looking at the example page, this doesn’t raise any concerns on our end, and would fall under appropriate usage under our Community Use Policy.

So I've added maps to every settlement with a pin on File:Inner Sea region map.jpg using the new innerseax and innerseay parameters on the {{City}} template.

Thanks a lot, Oz!

Truly excellent - thanks Oznogon.

On a bit of a whim, I've written up a Lua module and template that takes the X and Y coordinates that power these maps and calculates the distance between them based on the scale on the map itself. This means with a simple template, you can get a rough estimate of the distance between any two named settlements on the Inner Sea region map (as the crow flies, and only in miles for now).

* [[Egorian]] → [[Almas]]: {{Distance|Egorian|Almas}}
* [[Absalom]] → [[Magnimar]]: {{Distance|Absalom|Magnimar}}
* [[Port Ice]] → [[Eleder]]: {{Distance|Port Ice|Eleder}}

How about that! I had no idea that Egorian and Almas are about the same distance apart as Portland and Los Angeles. It also helps confirm the Afro-Euro scale of the Inner Sea region—the diagonal line from Eleder in the SW to Port Ice in the NE is roughly equivalent to the distance from Nouakchott, Mauritania on the western Saharan coastline to Stockholm, Sweden.

On the Paizo forums, John Mechalas did me one better and plugged the Inner Sea, Tian Xia, and Crown of the World maps into GIS software, then mapped them onto an Earth-sized globe. He even extrapolated a long list of Lat/Long coordinates for them! I might revise the distance template with some of his findings to make it more accurate.