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PathfinderWiki:Current events

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  • 1 Jan 2009: We met the goal thanks to everyone's help! Let's keep it up.


  • 20 Nov 2008: With a current article count of around 825, let's see if we can get that number to 1,000+ by the end of 2008!
  • 1 July 2008: The article count on the wiki hits 500. Keep up the good work, everyone!
  • 1 June 2008: Any edits made since 5/15 have been lost and all account information needs to be reentered. Admins are working to prevent this type of data loss in the future.
  • 12 May 2008: PathfinderWiki got a facelift today. Over the next few weeks, we should see portals to all the areas of interest and an expansion of community-based content. We want to make it easier for everyone to take part!
  • 28 Mar 2008: The PathfinderWiki Messageboard is now live.