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The Rune of Aballon
Titles The Horse
Type Planet
Adjective Aballonian
Diameter x 1/3
Mass x 1/20
Gravity x 1/3
Atmosphere Trace amounts
Orbit 90 days
Inhabitants Aballonians, diggers, ice vines, sharpwings
Satellites None
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The Solar System

The planet Aballon (also known as the Horse because of its rotational speed around the sun) is the closest of the planets to Golarion's star.[1][2][3][4] Close inspection of it via divination magic and telescopes show that it is dotted with ruins that look almost mechanical in nature.[5]


Aballon's proximity to the sun means the planet has extreme surface temperatures which can melt lead during the day and reach superfreezing depths of cold at night.[4] It could easily be assumed that for this reason alone, Aballon would be a charred, featureless world devoid of life. Studies have shown, however, that ruins of ancient cities poke through its shifting sands. Whether these structures were built by elementals or a mechanical race is unknown to most scholars of Golarion, but it is speculated that they were designed to harvest as much of the sun's energy as possible.[1][2][3]

Aballon has a wealth of mineral deposits, including ores and skymetals rare on Golarion.[4]

Rune representation

In scholarly works, Aballon is sometimes represented by a complex rune in which a 'U'-shape is attached by a small vertical bar to a circle hanging below.[6]


The planet has a few interesting locations:[3]


After the departure of the First Ones from Aballon in a mythical past, the planet's main historical race, the creatures known to currently exist on Aballon include:[3]