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Enora, iconic dwarven arcanist.
Region Any; primarily Geb, Nex, Nantambu
Races Any
Iconic character Enora

Source: Advanced Class Guide, pg(s). 8ff.
A note on use: The term "arcanist" can refer to this specific arcane spellcasting class, but can also more loosely refer to any arcane spellcaster, such as a wizard or sorcerer.

Rather than focus on the innate abilities of their bloodlines or the research and study of the arcane arts, arcanists use their unique insight into the workings of magic to apply both approaches at once. Their distinct views on magic, extensive knowledge, and tremendous potential often leads them down reckless paths in pursuit of greater powers.[1]

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Arcanists share the same regional tendencies as wizards but are comparatively rare. They can primarily be found in:

Locations also known for their arcanists include:


There are no known restrictions on the race of an arcanist.


No information currently available.

Notable arcanists


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