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Isle of Arenway

The Isle of Arenway is located at the confluence of the Verduran Fork and Sellen River in central Taldor. Set in the heart of the Verduran Forest, it is the headquarters of the local druids of the Wildwood Lodge.[1][2] It is said to contain a series of standing stones which create an annual connection to the demiplane known as the Circle Between every solstice.[3]

In their summer solstice Moot of Ages, the Green Faith druids from all over Golarion gather in the Isle of Arenway to bring their discoveries before the entire druid community.[4]

The Isle also contains an unnamed harbour outpost of the Taldan River Guard, although by the Treaty of the Wildwood, its sailors are forbidden to leave their walled compound, except to patrol the Sellen River and Verduran Fork. Ships traveling past often stop at the outpost to have their vessels blessed by the druids.[5]