A kasatha.
Type Humanoid
CR By character class
Environment Warm deserts
Adjective Kasathan[1]
Images of kasathas

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 174
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The secretive, nomadic, four-armed kasathas who roam Numeria's wilds hail from far outside Golarion's solar system: they originate from the planet Kasath.[2] They are well acclimated to desert climates.[3]


Kasathas have gray-skinned humanoid bodies, four lanky arms, and spade-shaped alien faces.[3]


Few stories tell how kasathas came to Golarion, and details conflict even among these rare tales. Despite a set of traditions and a shared language, kasathas have very little knowledge of their own history.[3]

Society and culture

Kasathas traditionally embark on a year-long "tempering" ritual of exploration as they near adulthood.[3]