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Titles Thakur of Jalmeray
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human, (Vudrani)
Class Monk 14
Gender Male
Homeland Niswan, Jalmeray

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 84-85

Kharswan holds the title of Thakur of Jalmeray, and thus is the nominal ruler of that land. In practice, the day-to-day administration is in the hands of the Maurya-Rahm, his vast legion of advisors, and Kharswan has very little actual authority. He spends his days gardening, reading poetry—and setting his advisors, against one another.[1][2]

Kharswan believes that any who seek or bring magical knowledge should be welcome in Jalmeray. However, he has no respect for spellcasters who use the island to study the 'abomination' of the Mana Wastes, as the blasted wastes are the antithesis of the magic-enriched island nation. Such researchers are politely encouraged to take their interest elsewhere.[3]

As of 4711 AR, the Thakur is the father of a baby son. He also practices painting as a hobby.[4]


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