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Titles Sky Citadel
Nation Nirmathas
Demographics Dwarves
Ruler Prince Gorm Greathammer

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 140
This article covers the settlement. For the dwarven leader of the same name, see Kraggodan (dwarf).

The dwarf settlement of Kraggodan can be found in the southern Mindspin Mountains within the borders of the nation of Nirmathas, but little is known about it.[1]


Kraggodan is one of the famous Sky Citadels, strongholds built at the beginning of the Age of Darkness when the dwarves first emerged on Golarion's surface at the culmination of their Quest for Sky.[2][3] Because of this, the city still has many entrances to the Darklands.[3]

It takes its name from a dwarven leader whose clan surfaced in -4944 AR, and the Sky Citadel was completed in -4901 AR.[4] Before its founding, its people allied with Kellid clans against the surfacing orcs.[5]

History records little of the settlement's achievements until the 38th century AR, when its stout warriors took part in the Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant, at a toll of much of its population.[6][4]

After the Rending in 3981 AR, Kraggodan's dwarves formed ties to the fey court of Accressiel in the Fangwood, through its glaistig queen Gendowyn. However, the next century saw the unleashing of the Darkblight in the forest, which toppled Gendowyn and threatened Kraggodan. Its dwarves formed a barrier of stone monoliths in 4088 AR to stop the Darkblight's spread.[4]

Kraggodan today

Despite its location within Nirmathas, Kraggodan remains neutral in that country's war with Molthune.[7][8] They welcome members of the Pathfinder Society to the city as its third prince, Gorm Greathammer, is also a Pathfinder.[3]

The settlement has been a major trading partner of the Nirmathi mining town of Skelt, but it is not yet clear how the recent opening of Bloodsworn Vale, which has given Skelt a new trade route into Varisia, will affect Kraggodan.[7][9] It also opened quiet negotiations with the Molthuni city of Korholm, whose military academy hopes to secure dwarven weapons and armor.[10]

Kraggodan is just north of the ruined village of Graybanks.[11]


Paizo published a major article on Kraggodan in Siege of Stone.