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Pathfinder RPG Beta Release

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game - Beta Release
Pathfinder Roleplalying Game - Beta Release
Publisher's product page
Author(s) Jason Bulmahn
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price Print: $24.99
PDF: Free
Released August, 2008
Type Core
Binding Paperback
Pages 408 pages
ISBN ISBN 978-1-60125-149-7
Series Pathfinder RPG
Follows Pathfinder RPG - Alpha Release
Precedes Pathfinder Bestiary
Artwork from Pathfinder RPG Beta Release

This complete stand-alone fantasy RPG takes your fantasy campaigns to new heights of adventure! Backward-compatible with the 3.5 fantasy rules but offering new solutions and options that place it firmly on the cutting edge, the Pathfinder RPG Beta release is the result of the largest open public playtest in RPG history.


1. Introduction (2)

2. Generating a Character (4)

3. Races (8)

4. Classes (12)

5. Skills (52)

6. Feats (76)

7. Equipment (98)

8. Description (120)

9. Combat (130)

10. Magic (154)

11. Spells (170)

12. Running the Game (290)

13. Additional Rules (300)

14. Nonplayer Characters (332)

15. Magic Items (340)

16. Glossary (388)

17. Playtesting (402)

Character Sheet (404)

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