A planet is a celestial body orbiting a star.[1] Golarion belongs to a solar system of eleven planets that rotate around the same star, called the Sun. There were once thirteen planets in the solar system but some historic cataclysm destroyed two planets, leaving a massive cloud of debris called the Diaspora.[2] While they are all located in relatively close proximity to one another, considering the whole of the Material Plane, these planets and their inhabitants are as varied as one could imagine.[3]

Interplanetary Travel

Travel between planets is generally accomplished via magical gates which are thought to exist throughout the solar system. These gates are either heavily guarded by their owners or protectors, or else are forgotten in some distant corner.[4]

Known Planets in Golarion's Solar System

Solar system map.jpg

The eleven existing planets, in order from the sun, are:

  1. Aballon, the Horse
  2. Castrovel, the Green Planet
  3. Golarion, the Child
  4. Akiton, the Red Planet
  5. Verces, the Line
  6. Eox, the Dead Planet
  7. Triaxus, the Wanderer
  8. Liavara, the Dreamer
  9. Bretheda, the Cradle
  10. Apostae, the Messenger
  11. Aucturn, the Stranger

The planets whose destruction created the Diaspora were:[5]

Other Planets

In addition to the planets of Golarion's solar system, there are other planets known to scholars: