Harsk shows off some technological gear.

Technology is loosely defined in Golarion as the scientific study of non-magical devices with powers that approach or exceed magical effects.[1]

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Examples of technology

Examples of technological devices, powers, and forces include:

Technologists have unique talents for finding and using technology, while Technic League technomancers try to preserve their stranglehold on what technological secrets have already been unlocked. Many technological devices are timeworn from their centuries on Golarion.[2]

Magic and technology

Certain spells are capable of specifically targeting technological devices and forces:[3]

Iron priests are clerics, often of Brigh, Nethys, Gorum, or Haagenti, who can manipulate unliving constructs through divine magic in a similar manner as other clerics can turn undead.[4] Technomancers can apply technology to amplify magic, and vice versa.[5]

Science and technology

Sub-branches of technology include:

Technological items

Technological devices share much in common with magic items: both require extensive training, time, money, materials, and tools to create. However, technological items forgo spells for high-tech effects and capabilities.

Technological items must be created in specialized laboratories, which require power.[7]

Weapons and armor

Technological weapons have unique features and requirements. For instance, many require power to function.[8]

Technological firearms and ranged weapons, such as beam weapons, can have different fire modes, allowing even relatively unskilled wielders to rapidly fire single shots or quick bursts.[8] They can also feature unusual attacks, such as lasers that burn through barriers or infectious mind-rending nanites.[9]

Armor of this nature can protect against elemental forces, including the vacuum of the Void.[10]

Hybrid items

Items can be designed to combine technology and magic, or can be enchanted after creation with magical abilities.[11]

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Color coding

Technological items can be categorized in terms of their relative strength via certain colors associated with various skymetals, though most items do not contain the skymetals associated with their color. There are nine known "colors" of technology, listed from weakest to most powerful:

  • Brown, representing base non-skymetal ores and the weakest technological items
  • Black (adamantine)
  • White (siccatite)
  • Gray (inubrix)
  • Green (noqual)
  • Red (djezet)
  • Blue (abysium)
  • Orange (horacalcum)
  • Prismatic, representing all skymetals and the most powerful technological items

Degradation over time

Technological items can lose their functionality over time due to neglect and damage. Such items might not be rechargeable, and might require constant maintenance simply to maintain their basic functionality.[12]

Charging devices

Technology requires power, usually in the form of electricity, and such power is hard to come by on Golarion. Batteries and generators can provide power, as can certain spells and abilities.


Radiation is a mysterious poisonous aura of a technological nature that permeates many of Numeria's alien ruins.[13]