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(half of them are fixing my own mistakes)

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Who, me? That's me! BEEP BOOP BLORP

I wrote them down in my diary so I wouldn't have to remember




Wondrous Inputbox

See also: Forum:Making life simple and User:Oznogon/Sandbox/ArticleSpawner


RfD queue

Clear out PFS scenario template links.
Fort Inevitable → PFOW
☐ Convince the admins of PFOW to let me join

Forum:Making life simple/{{ArticleSpawner}}/Widget:ArticleSpawner: Creating articles with prepopulated content

☑ Build core template
☑ Build article type templates
(☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑) Built 25/25
☐ Document article type templates
☑ Parameterize article type templates to use preloadparams.
Create widget to allow passing parameters through a form. Still needs dressing up.
☐ Figure out the best way to use these.
☐ Landing page where users can select a page type and get a fillable form that feeds a preload template.
☐ Buttons in the new article header that feed preload templates. (enable the setting for it in Preferences -> Gadgets to see it)

☐ Take the car in to tweak the alignment (Alignment pages)

☐ Add art to alignment pages without it
☐ Standardize structure
☐ Move voice in-world
☐ Flesh out and update content
☑ Confirm category consistency (Fleanetha)
Evil, Good, Law, Chaos

☐ Find more uses for {{Publication gallery}} (comics, Wayfinder (magazine), product lines?)

☐ Add template parameters for artists (comics) and directors (Legends)

Project:Templates/Template modernization

Project:Images/Image info → {{File}} template updates
576 converted
☑ Cover images (all images with cover in the name and all cover images with logos/decorations converted)
☑ Creature/character images
☑ Miniatures images
☑ Pathfinder Cards images
☑ Landscape images
☐ Biographical/IRL images
☑ Object images
☑ Meta images
☑ Files with untemplated metadata blocks
☑ {{Dot}} template → unordered lists with hlist updates
☑  &middot → unordered lists with hlist updates
Project:Sourcebook categorization/{{Book}} → {{Adventure}} on Modules/PFS scenarios (season 0)/APs (ongoing)
On each adventure:
☐ Check {{Adventure}}
☐ If necessary, convert from {{Book}}
☐ Check web link
☐ Check pubcode
☐ If expected, check release date
☐ Check rules set
☐ Check series
☐ For Modules, note if Campaign Cards exist
☐ Check back cover text
☐ Check {{Adventure overview}}
☐ If pfs, add pfs = yes
Categorizing images of iconics
Forum:Adding new lines to templates/infobox modernization


☑ Build Portal:Accessories
☑ Build Pathfinder Cards
☐ Upload product images
☐ Build product pages
☑ Build Pathfinder Miniatures
☐ Upload product images
☐ Build sculptor pages
☑ Build Pathfinder Map Pack
☐ Upload product images
☐ Build product pages
☑ Build Pathfinder Flip-Mat
☐ Upload product images
☐ Build product pages

☐ Source unsourced external images

☐ Wanna go to space, space court. Appearing in space. Judge space, sun presiding

☑ Incorporate Doom Comes to Dustpawn
100% complete
☐ Incorporate Technology Guide
~40% complete; most big concepts in
☐ Incorporate People of the Stars
~80% complete
☐ Incorporate Distant Worlds
 ?? complete
☐ Incorporate Fires of Creation
 ?? complete
☐ Incorporate Lords of Rust (adventure)
~10% complete
Latten Mechanism
rhu-chalik and their implications for the Dominion of the Black
Observer robot
Clockwork Chapel
Redtooth (person), Redtooth's Raiders
Steel Hawks
Lords of Rust
Technic League
envoy's mouthpiece
gas grenade, grenades?
memory facet
mind burner
soothe (pharmaceuticals? Recreational drugs of Golarion?)
☐ Incorporate The Choking Tower
5% complete
Furkas Xoud (started)
Iadrin "Redfang" Ashworth (started)
Ilarris Zeleshi
gremlin-skin drum
hearth mantle
hivebrain symbiote
nutrient training node
rod of gripping smoke
smoke furnace
irradiated dead
robotic apprentice (stubbed)
thought harvester robot (stubbed)
warden (robot)
☐ Revisit Seven Swords of Sin, which appears to contain a laboratory, nanites, power generators, recycling units

☐ Write and edit, click preview / eat the words, chew them through!

Goblins of Golarion
☑ Update product page
☐ Add goblin tribes
☐ Confirm naming conventions
Frostfur goblins
Ghostmask goblins
Jurdan's Volunteers
Screamwing goblins
Isgeri tribes
Spelleater goblins
Bulbhead goblins
Hookback goblins
Mudrub goblins
Slashface goblins
Cinder Seekers
Mediogalti Island tribes
Egg Sucker goblins
Knotsnarl goblins
Longlung goblins
Pulpdrool goblins
Spikespur goblins
Shackles tribes
Bigbarb goblins
Dark Hook goblins
Reefrunner goblins
Squidwhistler goblins
Varisian tribes
Caves of the Craven tribes
Darkwrap goblins
Firewalker goblins
Gaptooth goblins
Sharpbumps goblins
Wart Tongue goblins
Lost Coast tribes
Birdcruncher goblins
Licktoad goblins
Seven Tooth goblins
Mosswood goblins
Thistletop goblins
Mushfens tribes
Breakbag goblins
Houndgutter goblins
Wind Whisper goblins
Goblin Hero-Gods
☐ Goblin equipment, magic, culture, etc.

Champions of Corruption

☐ Improve Wayfinder

☐ Issue list presentation
☐ Descriptions/contents
☑ Covers
☑ Get Tim's OK to upload covers
☑ ENnie nods

RPG Superstar cleanup

☑ Build navbox for modules/winners/scenarios
☑ Standardize and fix infobox styles
☑ Improve each year's page
☑ Improve hub page
☐ Bio all winners and finalists


Mobile theme on desktop browsers bug

☑ Steps to reproduce Mobile theme bug steps to reproduce, Mobile bug resolution
☑ What pages are affected? Cached pages for logged-out users
☑ How to work around it Manually refresh cache and/or use a responsive skin
☑ How to fix it Mobile theme issues and updates
☑ Implement fix

☑ Pawn lists for the pawn god

☑ Give PFW a Soul

Forum:MediaWiki 1.23: Things to fix

☑{{Publication gallery}}/Pathfinder Adventure Path pages

☑ Build core template
☑ Apply template to APs
(☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑) Applied 17/17

☑ {{Userbox}}

☑ Convert HTML userboxes to {{Userbox}}
PathfinderWiki:Userbox with gallery

PathfinderWiki:General disclaimer (discuss; due 12/22)

☑ Assault on pubcodes, links, quote templates, authors, and cover image metadata on Pathfinder Modules

☑ Assault on pubcodes, links, quote templates, authors, and cover image metadata on Adventure Path supplementary materials

Only Undead Unleashed's cover is missing an artist credit.

Advanced Class Origins

☑ {{CT navbox}} → {{Navbox}}

☑ Assault on pubcodes, links, quote templates, authors, and cover image metadata on Adventure Paths

Rise of the Runelords
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Second Darkness
Legacy of Fire
Council of Thieves
Serpent's Skull
Carrion Crown
Jade Regent (adventure path)
Skull & Shackles
Shattered Star (adventure path)
Reign of Winter
Wrath of the Righteous
Mummy's Mask
Iron Gods Adventure Path
Hell's Rebels

☑ Update and clean up ENnie Awards

☑ 2014
☑ Tag individual works
☑ 2013
☑ 2012
☑ 2011
☑ 2010
☑ 2009
☑ 2008

Gen Con 2014 announcements

Obsidian Entertainment/PFACG tablet game
Hell's Rebels
Wrath of the Righteous Base Set
Inner Sea Races
Occult Adventures (User:Sarrick)

☑ PFS season 6/v6 faction changes and earlier undocumented factions

Template:Pathfinder Society factions navbox
Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play v6
Osirion (faction) retired (v6)
Andoran (faction) retired (v6)
Taldor (faction) retired (v6)
Cheliax (faction) retired (v6)
Qadira (faction) retired (v6)
Dark Archive (faction) added (v6)
The Exchange (faction) added (v6)
Liberty's Edge (faction) added (v6)
Scarab Sages (faction) added (v6)
Sovereign Court (faction) added (v6)
Silver Crusade (faction) added (v4)
Grand Lodge (faction) added (v4)
Sczarni (faction) never documented; retired (v5)
Lantern Lodge (faction) added (v4) and retired (v5)
Shadow Lodge (faction) added (v4) and retired (v5)
☑ Update faction leaders' pages