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Abandoned Cutyard

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The Abandoned Cutyard of Falcon's Hollow is the town's first lumber mill and surrounding log cabins which lie abandoned half a mile west of the town. Some old people say that the cutyard wan't abandoned because of the construction of the new Cutyard but because of a terrifying event that happened in 4653 AR during a midnight shift. The legend says that bloodcurdling screams were heard from the old mill and when Thuldrin Kreed and his people went to investigate, they found no sign of the workers. Thuldrin himself returned pale as snow and trembling. Some say that Thuldrin's father told his son the secret of what evil sleeps in the old cutyard but Thuldrin hasn't told even to his most trusted thugs.[1]

The recent outbreak of leprosy has driven many of the infected to the Abandoned Cutyard. The poor people have formed a colony of tents and shacks. The rotting buildings of the yard match the ravaged faces of the sick and dying. Lady Cirtnana Gensar sent acolytes to aid the lepers but they never returned.[1]