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Abrogail I

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This article describes a satirical play. For the monarch, see Abrogail Thrune I.
Awake! To arms! Throw off complacency,
Or die as livestock willfully enchained!
  — Abrogail I, excerpt of act V, scene ii[1]

The debut performance of the satirical play Abrogail I, written by Pezzacki insurgent Amalia Wraxton in 4710 AR, led to a violent catastrophe when Chelish demands to halt the play's performance turned violent. The subsequent deaths of the town's military governor and popular Pezzacki artists sparked a town-wide uprising the left it exposed to a strix assault which burned the town.[2]

The play purportedly depicts its namesake as Asmodeus's consort and an accomplice to Aroden's death.[2] Wraxton expects her in-production sequel, Abrogail II, to spread revolution across Cheliax.[3]