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Adamas[1] (also known as The Gleaming Tower) is a white marble tower a few miles away from Olfden rising out of the ground at the base of the Elberwick Rise. The bottom twenty feet of the tower are against the cliff wall while the rest of the tower continues rising forty feet above. There are only two entrances to the tower: one lies at the base, while the other exits the tower at the top of the rise into a semi-circular white marbled walled enclosure in which lie several small military buildings. The building serves as the headquarters of the 400-man Diamond Regiment and as such is commanded by Ingrid Odeber. The tower is rumoured to have underground depths below it, as people caught smuggling in Darkmoon Wood disappear into the tower and are not seen again.[2]


The beginnings of the tower were started in 4116 AR by Karas Novotnian when he and Chelish soldiers were pacifying the area, decades after the desolation of The Rending. More recently the tower was expanded to include room for the Diamond Regiment with the intent of providing safety for the area and to keep an eye on the abuses of the Lumber Consortium.[3]

Notable Inhabitants