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| name              = Aldinach
| titles            = She of the Six Venoms
| alignment         = [[Chaotic evil]]
| domains           = Animal (effects that target animals can also target scorpions), Chaos, Evil, Sun
| portfolio         = sand <br /> scorpions
| cleric alignments = {{Alignment grid|off|off|off|off|off|on|off|on|on}}
| weapon            = kukri

Aldinach is the demon lord of sand and scorpions. Her unholy symbol is an image of a gold scorpion with sand dripping from its claws.


Aldinach's main form is that of an enormous, golden scorpion as large as a house, whose claws are crystalline and razor-sharp. Underneath a towering carapace covered with myriad smaller scorpions, a horribly human head lodges.[1]


One of Lamashtu's daughters from before she became a goddess, Aldinach has had little contact with her mother. On the other hand, her sphinx-like sister Areshkagal is at constant war with her. After stealing the Sea of Whispering Sands, Aldinach must be on guard against armies from the Blood Clefts.[1]
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