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According to Jistkan hagiography, Arustun and his older brother Ejanos rediscovered the Azlanti treasures in the Cave of Tiandra in approximately -4160 AR. Ejanos wanted to burn the strange scrolls as fuel but Arustun, knowing that these relics were important contested his brother and inadvertently killed him. With Ejanos' death, Arustun suddenly gained the ability to understand the writings and quickly absorbed these sparse treasures of Azlanti lore while in the cave.[1]

Arustun with his friend Venistos and his wife Mirmura crafted a ship for himself and his favored companions and traveled for years the Inner Sea from shore to shore searching for knowledge that could enhance what he had learned from the Azlanti relics in the Cave of Tiandra. His travels took him far across the lands of Avistan and Garund, from the shadowbound warrior-lords of ancient Nidal to the magnificent Sky Citadels of the dwarves. Arustun recruited numerous allies in his quest of civilization, and recorded everything he saw and learned in his extensive journals, later be collectively known as the Poleiheira. After his journeys around the Inner Sea, Arustun using the forgotten magic of fallen Azlant and Thassilon he learned, managed to travel the planes, most notably that of the Eternal City of Axis. While he was in Axis, Arustun finalized his plans to found the empire he envisioned. He returned home from his odyssey in -4120 AR with many foreign associates and allies. He founded the Jistka Imperium in northwestern Garund and named the capital after his beloved wife who had remained all those years of behind helping the city.[1]

The Jistka Imperium was the first human civilization to emerge since the Golarion-wide destruction caused by Earthfall.[2][3]


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