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Type Humanoid
CR 12
Environment Cold or Temperate hills

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 33

Athachs are massive and hideously malformed giants. No less brutal and vicious than most other giants, Athachs are known to have a fondness for playing with their victims with acts of senseless cruelty. In these acts, the otherwise dull witted brutes show surprising inventiveness and creativity. They typically live in family groups and gangs of siblings.[1]

An adult athach stands about 20 feet tall, muscular and burly, with no neck to speak of. Size aside, they possess two particular features that differentiate them from other giants. The first is a mouth of vicious fangs that drip with foul venom. The other is a bizarre third arms that grows from one of its armpits. Although not able to wield a weapon this gangly limb is very swift, and often seems to act as though it possesses a mind of its own.[2]


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