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Storm aurochs.
Type Animal
CR 2 (common aurochs)
4 (Storval aurochs)
Environment Temperate plains

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 174

Aurochs are large migrating herd mammals, standing over 7 feet tall at the shoulder, which are closely related to domesticated cattle.[1] They resemble large, razor-horned bison.[2]


Aurochs travel in herds,[1] following the grass that quickly crops up in these volatile climates.[3] They travel in this way to protect each other, adult males forming a ring around those less able to defend themselves when threats arise.[1] Aurochs are most often used by people as a source of meat, wool, and leather.[4]

On Golarion

There are various breeds, ranging from those found in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to Belkzen's southern floodplains.[5][6][4] An especially large and aggressive breed, the Storval aurochs, wanders through the Storval Plateau and the Cinderlands of Varisia.[7][2]

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