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Type Military
Leader Freyr Darkwine, Castellan of Trollheim
Headquarters Trollheim, Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Goals Patrolling the border with Irrisen and destroying all enemy infiltrators
Scope Local
Structure Military
Members Ulfen soldiers

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 93

The Blackravens are a military unit of Ulfen warriors whose duty is to patrol the border between Hagreach, in the eastern Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and Irrisen: a border often tested by Queen Elvanna's monstrous armies. The force is most associated with battles versus ice trolls and typically carry flaming arrows and alchemical fire as part of their equipment. Their commanding officer is Freyr Darkwine, Castellan of Trollheim.[1][2] The Blackravens led the most well-organized and successful Ulfen raids into Irrisen.[3]

Individual Blackraven scouts are varied in class and race, but rangers used to the arctic conditions are most common. Scouts are trained vigorously in arctic combat and how to effectively combat their foes to the east.

A typical Blackraven patrol consists of four to six members, sometimes mounted on horses or on dogsled, and patrol the border regularly in unpredictable patterns in order to make their movements difficult to predict.

Their headquarters is the granite fortress of Blackraven Hall.[4]


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