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Carrion Crown Item Cards

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Carrion Crown Item Cards
Carrion Crown Item Cards
Artist(s) Kieran Yanner
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price $10.99
Released May 10, 2011
Type Item Cards
Deck size 54 cards
ISBN ISBN 978-1-60125-321-7
Rules set Pathfinder RPG
Series Pathfinder Cards
Follows Condition Cards
Precedes Urban NPCs
Artwork from Carrion Crown Item Cards

Carrion Crown Item Cards, a 54-card Pathfinder Cards deck with art by Kieran Yanner, was released on May 10, 2011. It illustrates items that appear in the Carrion Crown Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Brave the night and defy its horrors with the weapons and relics of fireside legends. Tools for both battling and creating gothic monstrosities yearn to be claimed in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. This 54-card set of beautifully illustrated, full-color item cards allows you to track your newest and most fearsome treasures in vibrant detail.

Card List

    1. Chainmail
    2. Full-Plate
    3. Leather Armor
    4. Black Cat
    5. Books
    6. Carriage
    7. Chapbook
    8. Coffin
    9. Gavel
    10. Hand Mirror
    11. Harrow Deck
    12. Holy Symbol
    13. Holy Symbol
    14. Medical Tools
    15. Note
    16. Shovel
    17. Straight Jacket
    18. Syringe
    1. Torch
    2. Trunk
    3. Wolfsbane
    4. Potion
    5. Potion
    6. Ring
    7. Staff
    8. Arrows
    9. Axe
    10. Crossbow
    11. Dagger
    12. Gaff
    13. Mace
    14. Pitchfork
    15. Rapier
    16. Scythe
    17. Starknife
    18. Sword