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Type Construct
CR 1
Environment Any
Images of celedons

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 52

A celedon is a metallic construct created by a deity to serve it and protect its sacred sites.[1]


Celedons are forged from extraplanar metal in the shapes of idealized humanoids with traits related to their creator deity.[1]


Each celedon is immortal, and created with a degree of sentience and a fervent faith in their patron deity. They perform maintenance on sites sacred to their patron, constantly find new ways to praise their patron, and perform rituals and services. The specifics of these services often depend on their patron's nature and alignment.[1]

A celedon might be forced in to a crisis of faith, and if they doubt their belief in their patron deity, they emit a wave of powerful energy and lose their sentience.[1]