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Chernasardo Rangers

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Chernasardo Rangers
Goals Defense of the Fangwood
Scope Local
Members Hunters, rangers

Source: Inner Sea NPC Codex, pg(s). 15

In the dense woods of the southern Fangwood, a region known as the Chernasardo, Molthuni armies constantly seek to regain territory from the freedom-loving forest-dwellers of Nirmathas. Chernasardo Rangers are elite snipers, trappers, and scouts, using hit-and-run tactics. Working in teams of six or fewer, they are both stealthy and prudent enough to ambush large contingents of Molthuni soldiers and escape without ever being spotted. Each Chernasardo Ranger is usually equipped with a number of specialty arrows allowing them to be both unpredictable and deadly.[1]

The Chernasardo Rangers fight for their personal freedom and revere the forest that provides their food and shelter. They are a nuisance both to Molthune's conquerors and Nirmathas's hopes for unification.[2]