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A druid from Crystalhurst.
Nation Nirmathas
Size Small town
Population 1,182
Demographics Druids; 600 humans, 250 half-elves, 150 gnomes, 50 elves, 50 half-orcs, 82 other (including centaurs, gathlains, and ghorans)
Government Council
Alignment Neutral good
Ruler Archdruid Aspen Zora
Leader Hallkeeper Ceroneth, Protector Orada

Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 23-24

Crystalhurst is a secretive town in the Fangwood ruled by a circle of druids. As might be expected, the homes and other fixtures of the town blend in with nature. The druids are primarily concerned with threats from the Darkblight rather than Molthune, although they are willing to help the Nirmathi repel Molthuni invaders.[1][2]


The town is hidden inside the Southern Fangwood, about 15 miles north of the Marideth River.[3]

A small lake in the center of town has two small islands, one of which hosts the Gathering Hall. A stone-ringed clearing in the center of town is called The Unbroken. Curving roads spiral in and out of the town from the surrounding forest.[3]


Crystalhurst is governed by a council of druids who guard the town from outside knowledge, deter visitors they deem unworthy, and aid Nirmathas in its war against Molthune mostly because they believe Molthune will harvest the forest.[3]


The town's druids are researching a cure to the Darkblight afflicting the Fangwood, including council Archdruid Aspen Zora. Hallkeeper Ceroneth keeps the town's records and the Gathering Hall. Druids are welcome regardless of their race or ethnicity, making Crystalhurst one of Nirmathas's most diverse towns.[3]


Paizo published a detailed map of Crystalhurst on page 24 of Lands of Conflict.