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A cyclops
Type Humanoid
CR 5
Environment Any temperate or tropical
Adjective cyclops, cyclopean
Images of cyclopes

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 52
See also: Great cyclops

Cyclopes (pronounced sigh-CLOH-peez, singular cyclops) are giants with enormous mouths and a single eye in the middle of their foreheads. They average about nine feet in height, weigh around 600 pounds, and were among the earliest of the civilizations to grace the surface of Golarion.[1]


Mouthpiece, an elder cyclops oracle.

The cyclopes once ruled nations in northern Casmaron, Avistan, and Garund in the Age of Legend before the rise of Azlant.[2] Their empire in Casmaron was known as Koloran in the texts of ancient Iblydos.[3] The ancient cairn of Hask-Ultharan in Iobaria is marked in their script.[4] In Garund, their nation was called Ghol-Gan, which stretched over the territories now known as the Shackles, the southern Sodden Lands, as well as Mediogalti Island.[5]


The people of Iblydos owe their existence to the cyclopses that emigrated from Ghol-Gan during that doomed empire's decline, and though the giants have dwindled in number since, they and humans continue to co-exist on the archipelago. The greatest mortals earn the rite of myth-speaking, in which the cyclopses foresee how that hero might attain mythic power through great deeds. Many of these so-called hero-gods have since ruled one of Iblydos's city-states, granting spells to followers and heralding in a new age of prosperity or tyranny. Since the deaths of Aroden and prophecy itself, the tradition has failed with troubling frequency. Now the last hero-gods age and dwindle, and a new generation of heroes must arise to combat the greatest threat to the islands: the thalassic behemoth Ousmariku.[6]