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  • … that the merfolk settlement of Chosovosei lies at the bottom of an ocean trench?

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The source of this page compiles all Did You Know entries prior to December 2018 into items in a random selection list and outputs the text of one of them. Duplicate items should be removed, and each item should be linked to other articles as if they stand alone.

Please add new list items to the bottom. As of 6 January 2019, the bottom item imported from past DYKs was "that the first Paizo blog post was published on April 19, 2007?"

Only the text is included. You decide how you want to list a random item. DYK:Random/list outputs a list of five random items and is a good example of how to use this feature.

You can include a random DYK item on a page using {{DYK:Random}}, or a list using {{DYK:Random/list}}, in an article's wikitext.