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| name = Deep Silver
| name = Deep Silver
| logo = [[File:Deep Silver Black.svg|250px|Deep Silver corporate logo]]
| image = [[File:Deep Silver Black.svg|250px|Deep Silver corporate logo]]
| type = video game publisher
| type = video game publisher
| location = Planegg, Germany
| location = Planegg, Germany

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Deep Silver
Deep Silver corporate logo
Location Planegg, Germany
Notable people Klemens Kundratitz (CEO)
Type video game publisher

Deep Silver is the video game publishing division of German multinational corporation Koch Media, based in Planegg, Germany. Since its founding in 2002, Deep Silver has published and co-published several major titles, notably the Dead Island and Homefront series, as well as taking stewardship over the Saints Row series following THQ's bankruptcy. In total, the company has released more than 200 games.

In February 2018, Koch Media and Deep Silver were acquired by THQ Nordic, which had acquired other THQ franchises and intellectual property under the name Nordic Games before rebranding in August 2016. Deep Silver continues to operate as Koch Media's publishing label.

Deep Silver published Pathfinder: Kingmaker, developed by Owlcat Games, on September 25, 2018.

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