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Mesmalatu, a demilich.
Type Undead
CR Varies
Environment Any
Images of demiliches

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 66-67

A demilich is a terrible creature that comes into being when a lich succumbs to decay after centuries of unlife. Its body crumbles to dust, with only its head remaining, encrusted with gems that are an outward manifestation of its lust for power. Even though the lich's soul and intelligence dissipate, a demilich is still terrible when roused from its torpor.[1]

Awakened demiliches

Under very rare circumstances, a lich retains its consciousness and spirit during its transformation, as well as its full spellcasting abilities and intelligence. Such creatures are known as awakened demilches.[1]

On Golarion

An awakened demilich named Holok is known to live in the ruins of Xin-Gastash below the Hold of Belkzen. She is locked in a seemingly never-ending battle for supremacy over the ruins of the old Thassilonian capital with her rivals, the nosferatu Molus and the ghost Xeram.[2]

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