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Divine magic

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Kyra, cleric of Sarenrae, wields divine magic against skeletons.
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Divine magic is one of three types of magic, along with arcane and psychic magic, that manifests in the form of spells and spell-like effects.[1] Divine spell power is drawn from divine forces[2] and are considered generally less dramatic and destructive than arcane spells, with a greater focus on healing and protection and significant variance based on the domains of the deity granting them.[3][2]

Nature of divine magic

Little is known about the source of divine magic, how deities gain the ability to grant spells to their followers, or how deities can influence far-flung planes and creatures.[4]


Many people gain the ability to cast divine spells through devotion to a deity, including clerics, inquisitors, and paladins. Druids and rangers draw divine inspiration from nature,[2] while oracles are often chosen by divine forces to be vessels of their power.[5][6]

Clerics and inquisitors are especially tied to their patron deities. Their alignment and actions must closely reflect their deity's faith to avoid drawing their patron's wrath or losing their powers. Clerics can also channel their deity's energy through their bodies and into others'.[7][8]


Divine spellcasters gain spells from their divine patron, often preparing them through prayer and meditation.[8][6][2]

False divine magic

A few deceptive entities use arcane magic to appear to grant divine magic to their followers. This false divine magic only appears to be granted by a god, but is in fact entirely secular or illusionary.[9]


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