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Doorway to the Red Star (adventure)

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This article is primarily or only relevant to Pathfinder Second Edition.The subject of this article exists in or is relevant to the real world.
Pathfinder Adventure Path #173:
Doorway to the Red Star
Doorway to the Red Star
Author(s) Michael Sayre
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Print: $24.99
PDF: $17.99
Released November 10, 2021
Type Adventure Path issue
Binding Softcover
Pages 96 pages
ISBN ISBN 978-1-64078-382-9
Rules set PF2
Series Pathfinder Adventure Path #173
Strength of Thousands 5 of 6
Follows Secrets of the Temple-City
Precedes Shadows of the Ancients
Artwork from Doorway to the Red Star
This article covers the Strength of Thousands Pathfinder Adventure Path adventure. For the in-universe location, see Doorway to the Red Star.

Doorway to the Red Star, a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure written by Michael Sayre, with supporting articles by Michael Sayre, was released on November 10, 2021. It is the fifth adventure in the Strength of Thousands Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Soar above a planet of adventure!A rmed with the knowledge that a long-vanished ally lies on the other side of a magical portal called the Doorway to the Red Star, the heroes must earn the trust of the portal's guardians and then travel through it—to a planet of red sands and high adventure! Working to gain allies among scholarly brain creatures and shifty ratfolk, the heroes infiltrate a massive airship and fight to free their ally from an insidious trap. The Strength of Thousands Adventure Path continues with "Doorway to the Red Star," a complete adventure for 15th- to 17th-level characters.


Doorway to the Red Star by Michael Sayre (2)

Akiton the Red by Michael Sayre (68)

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Adventure overview

  • 15th
  • Location(s)
  • Akiton