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A member of the Kintargo Dottari
Type City guards
Leader Per city
Headquarters Cities in Cheliax
Goals Local law enforcement
Scope City-wide
Structure Military

Source: Heroes of the Streets, pg(s). 16

Dottari is the name given to city guards in Cheliax.[1][2] The term appears to be loosely equivalent to the Common word "wardens".[3]

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Dottari are organized into several ranks to form a hierarchical command structure. For instance, the Westcrown Dottari and Kintargo Dottari follow this general structure:

Duxotar[4] or Duxotas[5]
This officer, also known as the "high warden", commands a city's dottari. A city has only one duxotas or duxotar.
Also known as "rank wardens", these officers command dottari across a city rego (region) and report directly to the duxotas or duxotar. The plural of durotas is "durotasi".[4]
These officers report to their rego's durotasi. Regos often have multiple majors.[4]
These officers report to majors and oversee multiple squads of common dottari.[4]
These officers lead individual squads of common dottari.[4]
Sometimes called "common dottari" or simply "dottari", soldiers act in squads overseen by lieutenants.[4]

The dottari of specific city sectors often have a modified designation. For instance, the dottari of Westcrown's canals and waterways are known as "condottari" (canal wardens), while those who patrol its ruins are known as "rundottari" (ruin wardens).[3]



The city of Kintargo is policed by the Kintargo Dottari.[7]


The Westcrown Dottari serve the former capital of Cheliax, Westcrown.[8]