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Earth, as seen from space.
Type Planet
Adjective Terrestrial
Diameter x 1
Mass x 1
Gravity x 1
Atmosphere Standard
Orbit 1 year
Inhabitants Humans, various forgotten magical creatures, Cthulhu
Satellites One moon
Images of Earth

Source: Rasputin Must Die!, pg(s). 5
This article covers the distant planet. For the element, see Element. For the elemental plane, see Plane of Earth.

Earth, also known as Jasoom,[1] is a planet in a galaxy far from Golarion,[2] yet similar in many ways. Magic was once as prevalent on Earth as it is on Golarion, but as time wore on magic and mysticism were replaced by science and technology, and now magical creatures have all but disappeared from the world and the existence of the supernatural is known to only a few mystics.[3]

In 4713 AR (known as AD 1918 on Earth), a bitter and deadly war between several of Earth's major political powers, known as the Great War, finally came to an end after four years of global conflict.[3]


Earth is a world as vast as Golarion, but only a few locations are relevant to Golarion-based scholars:


The primary inhabitants of Earth are humans of countless ethnicities. A few magical creatures such as fey still exist on Earth, but are largely forgotten.[10]

Cthulhu, one of the mightiest of the Great Old Ones, dwells in the corpse-city of R'lyeh beneath one of Earth's oceans.[8]

Nearby planets

Earth's solar system includes at least one other inhabited planet, the fourth, known as Mars by those on Earth and Barsoom by its inhabitants. The Martians themselves refer to Earth as Jasoom.[1]


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