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Echo Wood

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Echo Wood
Titles The Forest Stronghold
Land River Kingdoms
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Capital Thornkeep
Ruler Tervin Blackshield, Baron of Thornkeep
Government Dictatorship
Languages Taldane, Hallit, Varisian
Religions Gorum, Green Faith, Hanspur, Iomedae

Source: People of the River, pg(s). 9

Echo Wood is a forest located in north-western River Kingdoms and a region within that large country.[1]

Known to be home to crumbling Azlanti ruins,[2] the woodland is also home to monstrous spiders who are said to be building their nests within the ruins.[3]

The woods and its ruins are claimed as the territory of the Protectorate of the Black Marquis,[4] but the forest is mostly ignored by the rulers of the Protectorate. More recently, Thornkeep seems to have made a better claim on the Wood.[1]

Kellid raiders are a constant menace, sometimes passing through the woodland in order to raid the River Kingdoms.[5]


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