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We had mentioned business cards on twitter, I went to vistaprint during lunch today and played around with it.. This is my first attempt (I canceled before commiting so that we could get opinions before we sent it to printers) I think that we SHOULD be able to get it before GenCon if we order by the end of the week.. I can change background colors and such as needed, what do you think? [1]
It's not a bad start, Cpt. It has all the information on it that it should have, although I'm not crazy about the background or font.
Thanks for spearheading this. I agree that the background and font are not ideal. Can you do a parchment background and a font that is more evocative of the Sable font in the PFwiki logo (and the Pathfinder title font)? What would it cost us to do this?

Similarly, I know that Zuxius from the Paizo boards had a shirt made for that he wore every day at PaizoCon. Actually, I hope he made several, because one shirt for four days is not good. Anyway, do you guys think that would be a good idea or possible?

No probelm... I'll work on the background and font when I get home from work. this site charges 3.99 plus shipping for the first 250... I figured I'd just pick up 1000 for $15 and get some of them to Brandingopportunity at gencon and he could get them to you NYC area peoples. Also do we want to reword the 'corporate message' part? I took the "Welcome to the Pathfinder Wiki, a wiki guide dedicated to Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting that anyone can edit." from the front page and modified it to fit on the card, but not sure if its the best wording for this area
Attempt number 2 is up... this is the only version of Sable I could find, Mark, if you have the one from the logo and could send it to me, I could make it match... it costs an extra $1.50 to make the whole thing from scratch in photoshop and upload it... [2] (I did print it out at business card size and it is readable... I like the logo's version of the font better though.)
First of all, thanks for all the work you're putting into this, Cpt. Having said that ... I think the two different fonts is too much. For general cohesiveness, I think it's important to have a single font (not counting what's written in the logo). I also think the "Sable" font is too much for general writing. Too fancy and hard to read.

OK, let me also brainstorm some quote ideas (some of them are bad, I know): "Pathfinder Wiki: Come make Paizo's world, yours", "Pathfinder Wiki: Come to were the fluff is", "Pathfinder Wiki: If it's in here, it's canon", just "(logo)", just (logo), "(logo) 494 References to Abadar and Counting", "(logo) Naked pictures of Desna not included", "Pathfinder Wiki: We're a little OCD so you don't have to be", "Pathfinder Wiki: Mapping Golarion since 2008 ... early 2008!", "Pathfinder Wiki: Because you can't count on Paizo to keep track of it all", "Pathfinder Wiki: All fluff without the crunch", "Pathfinder Wiki: Just the facts, ma'am", "Pathfinder Wiki: Your portal to Golarion", "Pathfinder Wiki: From Absalom to Zyphus", "Pathfinder Wiki: Join us!", "Pathfinder Wiki: Come join us, or we'll send the Red Mantis after you", "Golarion: It's a big world out there", "Pathfinder Wiki: Contribute to your Imagination", "Pathfinder Wiki: Where the hell is Janderhoff?"

I agree that simplicity is key. The background and logo look great on there, but the box and text is too much. I also like the idea of a simple catch-phrase and then our url. Some of the suggestions are nice. I especially like "Contribute to your imagination," "Come make Paizo's world yours" and "Your portal to Golarion." I'd also put forth Paizo's line "It's Your World Now" and "If it's not here, it's not canon" though that isn't quite true, as there is plenty we're not caught up on. I just think it sounds cool. We could also make less of a tagline and more of a simple description, like "The most comprehensive collection of Pathfinder Chronicles canon in the multiverse. Come join the project at" In any case, I think whatever we do should be as simple as possible. With all the swag people get at cons, we want to make sure the card is as efficient as possible.
OK, We do have some time to figure it out... I was checking out the site, I should be able to get them less than 2 weeks from ordering them. I would also put forward that whatever we do for a 'tagline' or description, we make it so people don't think they can put in non canonical information. "Come make Paizo's world yours" sounds too much like giving a inviting people to add home game history for example
Well, my opinion was specifically asked for, so I'll give it... even if it is a dissenting one. It's all a little busy for my tastes. Specifically, I'm not sure if the PF-Wiki compass logo is the best approach. I think the words "Pathfinder Wiki" in Saber (not Sable by the way), then the tag line, and then the url. All text in brown on a buff coloured stock. I've done a quick mock-up here. As you can see my taste in design runs towards extreme minimalism, so feel free to shoot this down. As for a tagline, I'm kind of partial to "Your portal to Golarion.", but I'm hardly married to it.
Looks good Aeakett. I actually agree that simplicity and minimalism will be helpful here. We also want whatever we make to be relevant years down the road (should we have some left over). If we change our logo, or the background on the site, the cards will look dated. By going with text only we can save ourselves a potential headache down the road.
I like it as well, Aeakett. Simplicity is always good, IMO. I think it might look even better if we moved the "Pathfinder Wiki" line down a bit more and make the size of the other two lines smaller. I like the design of cards that have a bit of space above and I think making the fonts smaller makes it look more professional.
I can go either way... I'll let you guys decide and I'll order them.. Think there's any chance of dropping off a stack at the Paizo booth @ GenCon for people to take? Vistaprint is having a sale until the end of the week, so I'd like to order thursday night if possible... (I'm away Fri)
Did we miss the window for you to order these on sale? I think general consensus was that simpler was better. So if you need to order them before the sale ends, I'd go that way. Among all the rampant editing going on around southwestern Garund, we seem to have forgotten this particular line of discussion.
got an additional email over the weekend that they are extending it, I can get 250 business cards for just shipping changes. once they come in I'll split them up and mail them to whoever wants some, and we'll see what people think...if it truly takes less than a week I could be able to do a bigger order before GenCon
If they're free, I say go ahead and do it. No one else seems to be commenting on the thread and last word from most was that simple was preferred so why not order the free samples of Aeakett's version and see how they look. Even if they take longer than a week to ship, that gives us exactly a month from today before GenCon.
Whoa! If you're going to use the one I did, let me tidy it up first. I did the layout in less then 5 min, and everything was just by eye. I'll clean it up this morning, or over lunch and post back when I'm done.
OK. Here is a cleaned up version of the mock-up that I posted earlier. Also, just to confuse things, I did a version with a much bigger "Pathfinder Wiki" split up onto two lines here.

These assume printing on white stock. If you can get a buff/tan/parchment coloured stock for the same price, let me know and I'll make a version with a plain background. Also, if you need a higher resolution, let me know.

ok, I ordered 500 - after shipping it came to $20.00... for 250 it would have been $13.94 after shipping(9.94 shipping plus 4.99 for uploading our own picture) and would have been $35 for 500 cards at full price before shipping! I'll let you know how they come out and send some around as soon as I get the - should be about 14 days
Thanks so much for taking care of this guys. I think they'll look great! Turns out I am going to be at GenCon from Wednesday afternoon through Monday morning. We should make plans to meet up and hand them out. I'm running 9 different PFS games, so I certainly will have plenty of chances.
Nine?! Holy crap. So you get a free hotel room and all that jazz? I have decided last minute that I will be there too, so we should certainly all get together and edit the wiki together on our laptops. Or maybe we could play a game of PRPG? That'd be some fun times. Is it just three of us who will be there?

Also, Cpt kirstov, did you find out about the shirt thing you mentioned in the chat?

The shirts were about 13 each for white, or 20 each for grey or black... I decided it wasn't worth it at the time. I'm in Indy from Tuesday-Friday the week of GenCon (I have to re-buy tickets as my 8 hour game thursday night just got canceled - more time for PFS!)
Perhaps I'll look into getting shirts made on tan tees that say "Ask me about the PathfinderWiki." There are websites where this sort of thing can be set up.