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I have been able to easily extract quite a bit of data from the ACG Tablet game assets. I am wondering if this wiki would be interested in the data? If so I want to have a discussion on how exactly to organize the data. I can then work on some templates and then have my code output the individual pages for quick submission of the data.

Here is some of the data and other context around this data mine:

List of locations

List of scenarios

List of cards

a reddit post i made about the data and where to put it

I was also pointed to this old paizo conversation about possibly collecting this data over here.

I think the legality of posting the data mine falls under two areas: 1) Paizo Community Use Policy and 2) Data mining and Fair use precedent considering that transformative nature of the mine.

Any thoughts on how it should be organized? or what templates I should start from or patterns I should follow? Any insight would be helpful before I start flooding the wiki with new pages.


follow up: i see that users are using personal Sandboxes as they work on projects. Ill follow that pattern and start to pump some data into some of my own sandboxes while we all determine what makes sense with this data and its organization
First of all, an official welcome to the wiki from a real (non-bot) person! I'm excited that you're interested in adding information from the ACG, but want to bring up a number of issues, and hope that this does not kill your enthusiasm for our little project.

1. We are primarily a non-crunch resource, documenting information about the campaign setting that the RPG is set in. We do include some crunch information from the RPG, mostly levels, alignments, challenge ratings, etc, but generally focus strictly on the story elements. You can take a look at our policy on this here: PathfinderWiki:No crunch.
2. As far as I know, there currently are no efforts in the works in including ACG material into our wiki. This is mostly because no one has taken the time to do so, Paizo prints a lot of RPG stuff that we can't even keep up with, but does not mean we necessarily do not WANT it to be included. There is quite a bit of information on the cards that could be included in the wiki, it's just a matter of figuring out and embedding in our policies exactly what could be included. I think it would be VERY useful if our website could draw people from the ACG who are interested in learning more about the places, people, and things that you read about in the cards.
3. We could very easily include game mechanic information from the cards in an infobox and include it in the categories as well. This would include stuff like monster types (monster/villain/henchman), checks to defeat them, monster subtypes (dragon/goblin/aquatic/etc), and all other crunch info. (Pardon me for not being more knowledgable of the game terms of the ACG).

I am happy for you to post things to your sandbox for now, but we should hear from the other active members of our wiki before you begin posting lots of info to the main site, as this would significantly expand the current scope of the project.

Thanks again for your interest in this! I am currently just speaking for myself, but I'd be very excited to have someone spearhead inclusion of ACG "fluff" material in the wiki.
Welcome 8bagels! Much like Brandingopportunity, I'm not certain the best way to incorporate the ACG, but am excited to see what you come up with. In case you haven't seen what we do have related to the physical game, here are some of the things that may help seed your ideas:

How do we reconcile card content vs. Project:No crunch? I know we include some light RPG crunch on the wiki, like CR, but some of the ACG content we have seems to go beyond that. Pathfinder_Adventures_treasure_chests is entirely crunch, and Merisiel (Pathfinder Adventures) is mostly crunch, including a stat block and gameplay strategies.

Personally I think that most of the crunch should be deleted, as it doesn't fit in with our policies. The reason I haven't messed with it, is because I didn't want to shut down 8bagels' contributions (as he was adding new content), but he seems to have done that himself. I say we remove most, if not all of the crunch he added.