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The reference template for Empty Graves looks strange. I used it on the page for Meret-Hetef and it's crediting the forward, rather than the NPC gallery. Did I do something wrong? Thanks.
When citing a range of pages using an AP citation template (or any citation template that auto-fills different authors and article titles based on the page number entered), the template performs any mathematical function represented in the included parameters, which generally results in it looking for a negative number as a page reference. In the case of the cited article above, the result of 56-57 is -1, so the template was attempting to display the article title and author for that page. Since it operates by looking at a number of nested "if" parser functions, it saw that -1 was less than the lowest page number (4) and thus assumed the content being cited was from the Foreword.

In the future, simply format a citation template for a range of pages as follows:

{{Cite book/Empty Graves|56|56-57}}

It will use parameter 1 (the first piped parameter) for its calculations, and display whatever is in the second parameter. If you wanted to make it display

Rob McCreary. (2014). Foreword. Empty Graves, p. A different thing in place of a page number that maybe wasn't even a word at all. Paizo Inc. ISBN 978-1-60125-589-1

You could do that too.

You can find more information on how to use citation templates at Template:Cite book.

Thanks Yoda. That all makes sense. It didn't occur to me there would be math involved. :)