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We now have many, extremely useful, external links on our pages. They generally redirect the reader to Wikipedia for a real-world discussion of a subject. I am going to start moving these sections under the References section - see Lion for an example of what this looks like. Why? 2 main reasons:

  • this is what Wikipedia tends to do for its External links, so just following suit
  • I see the References header as the boundary between our imaginary Golarion scholar's bit and our real world. No Golarion scholar would reference Wikipedia (correct me if I am wrong), so such a reference should go in the real-world bit of Paizo works, categories, navboxes, etc.

Jump in here if I have missed something important and please place any new External link sections underneath the References bit. This means a page would end:

  • References
  • External links
  • Navbox templates
  • Categories
I think this is a great idea. We should incorporate this into our policies.
I still think the Unincorporated references should be moved to this area as well instead of the talk page. If you're a new reader, trying to figure out what book(s) talk about a subject, you aren't going to go to the talk page on it, unless you know its there - I would rather the talk page be actually talking about the subject of the page again. Since its moving a whole section, might even be abel to be done by bots?