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Forum:Forum topics not unbolding after visiting

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Forums: Workshop > Forum topics not unbolding after visiting

And again! When we were on wikia, only unvisited forum pages appeared in bold on the main forum page. Here, everything since the move has shown up in bold no matter how many times I refresh the page, post, or click through the links.
The previous one is interesting. Did you actually click on the bold links? I found that if I visited the forum postings form the Recent Changes page, the topics remained bold. As soon as I clicked on a bold link, and then went back, the bolding was gone.

Upon further investigation, I see similar behaviour at wikia (which is expected since we'e using the same extension). Can you confirm or provide further info?


I'm seeing the same behavior you've described; the link remains bold unless I actually click on it to view a forum thread. Once I've accessed a forum thread in this way, the link is no longer appears as bold text.

They remain bold for me no matter how I access the forum thread.
OK. I get bad behaviour in Safari and Chrome. Good behaviour in Firefox. Anybody on a windows machine to let us know what happens in IE (and what version)?
IE 8.0 on a Windows machine running XP seems to work correctly. *snip*