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It sounds like there are official rules or guidelines about what information can be distributed, and where, on PFS scenarios. Are these public, and if so, where are they? (I'm not a PFS GM or VO, but I know several of you are, including both User:CanisDirus who posted the notice on tiers to the Year of the Serpent talk page, and User:Sarrick who posted the unannounced scenarios' tiers to the Year of the Serpent page in the first place.)

If the guidelines aren't public, should we incorporate those guidelines into our official policies to avoid confusion among those of us who aren't privy to the rules?

So to fill everyone in on what happened, back at the end of February, John Compton released (to the VO's ONLY) the adventure tiers of the remaining Season 7 scenarios, to include a special 3-part adventure (not going to reveal again what that will be until the blog post goes up). John specifically told the VOs NOT to release this information until the blog post went up. (I know this because John Compton reached out to me on the 11th to discuss where I had received the information I found.) A couple days after this announcement to the VOs, a VO posted up placeholders in the Warhorn global catalog that contained the adventure tiers of these upcoming adventures. A couple days after that, I had happened to be signing up for games at some upcoming conventions during the summer and I saw that a convention was offering #7-24 (which was interesting to me because the last couple seasons had only gone up to X-23). So I pulled up the global catalog and there the tiers were. So I brought them over to the wiki. I was unaware that this information was VO-only. Cut to last Thursday/Friday (March 10th & March 11th) where the product pages have gone up for #7-19, #7-21, #7-22, and #7-23, but no #7-20. A Paizo messageboard thread went up to discuss where #7-20 was. Eventually, someone stumbled onto the wiki and found the tiers that I had found from the global catalog. Once the VO's saw that they were found, they went to the global catalog to take them down and Mike B. came and took down the tiers from the Wiki.

To answer your question User:Oznogon, I'm not for sure if there are any policies except for what Mike has just put up. While it would work, there have been times where scenario names, tiers, and metaplot information have been provided through forum posts (Information from Mark Moreland about Season 4's metaplot scenarios before the product pages went up), special podcasts (Know Direction Podcast where Mike Brock and John Compton revealed the Lantern Lodge and Shadow Lodge faction-ending adventures in Season 4 before the product pages went up), that isn't through blogs or product pages, though it is rare. I'm sure we could use Mike's idea has a base line, tweak it a bit and create our own wiki guidelines to enforce ourselves.

Thanks for the update, Sarrick. The breakdown of information control happened on the VO level here, and that's not something I think we as wiki editors need to or are in a position to worry about. There are a number of outlets by which information can be made public, as you mentioned, and I believe it's the wiki's mission to consolidate that information into a single location. If we want to set a policy of waiting until product pages are out, I think we need to do it for all products, but that leaves things like convention announcements sometimes hanging in limbo for months before the official book solicitations are released. As long as we're always sourcing our information for anything that doesn't have a product page, we should be covered in terms of responsibility for leaked information.
Thanks, Sarrick and Yoda. In that case I think if we need any policy on this, it should be to cite sources for information about products that don't have a page on the Paizo store. That would make it easier to point to things like unannounced PFS scenarios, products announced at Gen Con and PaizoCon or on podcasts or other sites' blogs, Dynamite/Tor/Big Finish/WizKids/etc. posting their own product announcements or store pages, and so on.
Sounds good! I'm not for sure if we need an exact policy, per se. This was just a case where I didn't cite my sources and really boils down to: cite my sources. That was my mistake. Going forward, I'll make sure to cite the location I find the information, wherever it is found. A good test for this will be next Wednesday when John, Linda, and Tonya are going on the Know Direction podcast to talk more about the reminder of Season 7 for PFS to include scenario names, general-high level information about the scenarios and what to look forward to in the coming months leading up to GenCon '16.