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I was chatting online with Yoda last night, when I had an idea: why not hyperlink the new web fiction on Paizo's website? Of course, we can't do it on their website itself, and we also can't publish a fully wikilinked version on our site, but perhaps we could simply create a companion piece on the messageboards in both reading- and alphabetical order that supplied links to all of the proper nouns in each of the chapters? We'd have to have multiple threads: one thread to act as the index for the chapters, and one more for each of the chapters themselves. I would also want to make sure that all of the links are well-edited and complete, otherwise we'd give folks a bad (first) impression. Does this make sense? Could we do it better? Let's discuss.
Here are the links from "Chapter One: The Solarium" in reading order: House Henderthane, Halfling, Absalom, Pathfinder Society, Decemvirate, Varian Jeggare, Ustalav, Whispering lily, Eel Street, Trick Street, Desna, Unizo Fermat, Goatherds, Egorian, Zandros the Fair, Lake Sorrow, shiver, Cheliax. Please feel free to comment on this post if I have the order wrong, or if there should be some added/taken away.
Chapter Two: The Bunyip Dock: Bunyip, Bunyip dock, Cheapside district, House Tauranor, Desna, Lake Sorrow, Adivian River, Mwangi Expanse, House Jeggare, Water Nymph, Chelish opera, House Henderthane.
Actually reading the fiction makes me realize just how useful it would be to wikilink all the proper nouns. After all, much of the story is based on Dave Gross' Pathfinder's Journal series from the Council of Thieves AP. We could fill in a lot of background information for those who haven't read them.
David Shepheard had suggested indexes at one point, which would essentially be a subpage on every product listing (ie. The Lost Pathfinder/Index) which would list all proper nouns contained within, hyperlinked, with a page number where it appears in the book (where applicable). For novels, having indexes of where particular names, places, or events are describes will be invaluable, especially for those without access to pdfs. However we decided to do it, I think it's a helpful endeavor, and each redlink we create in an index makes that article one spot higher on the Wanted Pages list.
That's basically what I was doing on my userpage anyway.. I can convert those to the indexes pretty easily... and with the way I never really have enough time to do full articles, I could diffidently work on these
What kind of format do you think would be appropriate for such an index? Something which could be organized either alphabetically or by page number, like the Monster index? That makes sense to me, as both organizing systems have their uses.
I'm going to play around with this for one of the retired PFS scenarios tonight I think, figured start small. What columns should be on the table? Noun, Page numbers (should this be a list, or refs tags that can be copy/pasted, or both?), and 'is any data for this subject incorporated into the page linked?' come to mind.... possibly a 'what other pages might this information update?' but that should be able to be handled by it's own entry in the table... any thoughts?
I think a simple text index as one finds in reference books would be sufficient. For Eye of the Crocodile King/Index, for example, it could include:


The point, in my mind at least, is to easily point potential editors to content they can work on updating, without requiring they scrutinize a document for references. It will also increase the number of links to non-existent articles, making them appear higher on Special:WantedPages. Creating a new article of a Wanted Page would be made easier because the editor could simple use What Links Here to see each existing article and index that references the term, and use the individual indexes to find the source information for their article directly.

I think that adding too much information of making the process of indexing a source more time consuming will ultimately result in the project's demise, as we're more likely to make more progress on something that takes less work, time, and thought.

I agree with Yoda on this, the simpler the better. It might be nice to have a tab point set so that all the page numbers line up underneath each other, but perhaps that can't be done without more advanced formatting, which has Yoda points out, would make the project less attractive. So I guess there would be two ways of working on a project like this. The first way would simply be to read a book or an article and write down the page numbers for various proper nouns as they pop up. That requires a lot of back and forth between sources and is not efficient, but is more attractive, as it allows you to enjoy a book or article. The second method is available to those of use who have PDF copies of the books. You simply search for a single proper noun within the document and then write down the page numbers the document spits out (either using the "find" function within Adobe Acrobat Reader, or a search program bundles with your OS. The latter way is less fun, as you don't actually get to read the book (except in bits and pieces), but it seems to be more efficient in terms of finding all of the mentions of a term.
As I'm still behind on my reading, I'll work on the 1st Method. It also prevents a bunch of 1 link indexes from being created.For the APs, I'm going to separate the lists out by chapters, that way the players can see what entries they may be able to work on without spoiling part of an adventure path for themselves.
I honestly think separating things out by chapter makes things more difficult. Each product as we have them listed as product pages should have a single index. More than that is over-complicating the issue. I don't get the impression many players are really taking part in the project to begin with, and not because they fear things are going to be spoiled for them.
Here's what I have done so far: The Lost Pathfinder/Index. Help in completing this and comments are greatly appreciated.
Question: Should we start a separate category for the indexes? right now if you search for "index", you get the talk pages for the monster index before it was moved. If we do, should we include the monster index and any similar pages?
We could these indices Category:Index/Subject or Category:Subject index.
Also, a full chronicles book is going to have A LOT of links, I'm working on Heart of the Jungle as I read it, and in 15 pages I have 205 links, some referenced as many as 5 times.. That leads to an estimate of 800 links for a full book, plus anything new that would be linked in the wandering monster tables in the back of the book. Just giving a heads up. (you can look at my sandbox to see how it's looking so far)
I found that this is much easier to do in a spreadsheet that I can type out the subject and page number, and then as the end of the book, sort into ABC order and combine the subjects that come up more than once into one entry. I started a index for Prince of Wolves last night and get through the first chapter this way..
That's a great idea, Cpt kirstov. I'll do that the next time I work on an index. Oh, I may have forgotten to mention this before, but I finished the index for City of Strangers a while back.