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Forum:Maps - image categories

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Forums: Grand Lodge > Maps - image categories

I think maps, and categories for them, could use an overhaul.

not just cleaning up the category tags, but expanding the category list to enhance clarity

for example isn't really an image of a map, it is an image of a cover art (and correctly categorized as such) - the product contains maps (as many do) but this is not a map image per se.

on this basis, a large number of the items categorized as an image of a map are not. - a rough guess looking at the results page would be half the images are not maps.

obviously getting image permission isn't easy - but the plus side is that restructuring the categories would be relatively easy right now.

I'd also argue for a more detailed category system based on geographical regions in the same way the geography pages are categorized solar system/planets and heavenly bodies global continent ocean/body of water nation local source book or AP maybe a category for type/scale :urban/countryside/location

usually the images have few tags that help place them in the world. for example learning this map is of a city on Mediogalti Island in the Arcadian Ocean off western Garund still requires a fair bit of research

finally there seems to be a general (and helpful) naming convention that the last three letters of the name of the map image is "map" (xxxxxx map.jpg) with some notable exceptions

how would one go about cleaning up the image names that don't meet that convention - and would you agree that removing the "image of map" category from the cover art is an improvement?