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To follow onto the work for {{Cite complex}}, I've added the {{Contents}} template to build lists of contents for product pages.

{{Contents}} takes the same article, author, and page parameters as {{Cite complex}}, which means you can copy the work you put into a book's citation template, paste it into a {{Contents}} template, and get a formatted list of contents full of {{Sectstub}}s. To add a description to an item and remove its {{Sectstub}} template, just add a descriptionn parameter.

Hopefully makes both creating and updating Contents sections on new and upcoming product pages easier, and {{Cite complex}} more useful.

For examples, see the template documentation, or dig into the wikicode on Fires of Creation or The Whisper Out of Time and compare to their citation templates {{Cite book/Fires of Creation}} and {{Cite book/The Whisper Out of Time}}.