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Forum:Occult rituals vs. spells

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I've recently done a bit of work on occult rituals. I think they are different enough from spells that they should get their own categorization (e.g. Category:Occult rituals by level), but could probably use the {{spell}} template. What do people think? Should they get their own template? Should they just be categorized as spells?

Thanks for sorting this Branding. I am so far behind in reading I have little to comment bar asking - can we define a style for writing these rituals? Are they italicized? Are they capitalized? Thanks

They are not italicized or capitalized, but are presented in a stat block almost identical to spells. Using the spells template makes sense, my only question was whether they should get a slightly reworked template with a new name, or just used the one for spells and add different categories (see above).

I've added the option of manually setting the Spell infobox's type (the (Spell) part) using the type parameter. For instance, this Spell infobox has a type of Occult ritual:

Dreamlands excursion
(Occult ritual)
School Conjuration (Creation)
Level 5th

Source: Dreams of the Yellow King, pg(s). 15
| name       = Dreamlands excursion
| type       = Occult ritual
| school     = [[Conjuration]] (Creation)
| descriptor = 
| domain     = 
| level      = 5th
| source     = [[Dreams of the Yellow King]]
| page       = 15
That's an elegant solution. Thanks!