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Forum:Publication dates of old Paizo products

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Is there any place we can look up publication dates for old Paizo products? I'm trying to create product pages for some of the old Pathfinder Flip-Mats and Pathfinder Map Packs.
Not that's publicly available, no. There is an internal product master list that has the street dates of all products ever on it, which I could look at, so long as we weren't also pulling other information for it, like print run size and such. I'd need a concise list of what products I was looking for, because there are hundreds of them at this point.
Cool, basically all the Flip-Mats and Map Packs we don't have product pages for. I think that is the only product line we are missing.

I use GTS Distribution for Pathfinder products, which lists street dates for most older products. It's available from the book search you get when clicking on an ISBN link. (For instance: Click ISBN 9781601252111 for Pathfinder Lodge Flip-Mat, then click GTS Distribution. It should take you to a search on GTS, which lists a street date.

It isn't 100% accurate and the search doesn't always hit on ISBN, but it seems to do pretty well for most single-printing books, decks, map packs, and flip-mats. (On multiple printings, it lists only the most recent printing's date.)

Amazon also lists dates but is unreliable and often inaccurate.

Thanks for the info, Oznogon!