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I know that we have the quote template because we use it in the product pages. In listening to Salim explain some of the planes in deaths heretic audiobook, I realized that the fiction has some in character explainations that would make great quotes about the table of contents on some pages. As far as I can tell we have never used this template in this way,although I know other wikis that use it pretty throughly, such as the Dresden files wiki.since it could change the look of the top of the pages a quote is included in pretty throughly, I figured I'd bring it up here before I try it in case we wanted to discuss length or anything as a policy for these before I experiment too much
Be bold in updating pages
I used some quotes in some of the alignment articles, like lawful evil. I dig 'em. I'd be wary of reproducing too much verbatim and running afoul of the CUP, but that's a judgment call.