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Forum:Recent advancements in the science of non-breaking spaces

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I notice both Oznogon and Morbus Iff have not used the non-breaking space in their indices: is this intentional?
  — User:Fleanetha

Every navbox has had a CSS class applied to it called nowraplinks for at least as long as I've been around. On other wikis, this class often includes code that does what it says on the tin—it prevents links from wrapping.

I can't see that this class has ever been in use on PFW, though. The class is applied, but it's also empty and therefore does nothing.

I could expand the scope of the code I added to MediaWiki:Common.css for navbox-index to apply to the entire wiki, which would enforce nowrap behavior on every link in any navbox and eliminate the need to add non-breaking space entities ( ) in the displayed link text. Such a change would have no detrimental effect on links that already contain non-breaking space entities.

(There's also {{nowrap}}, a simple template that wraps any text you pass into it in a <span style="white-space: nowrap;"> tag, which applies the same simple CSS.)

There may have been good reasons at some time to change or avoid implementing this behavior in the past, but if there were, I can't find them now.