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Starfinder? A place to discuss what we think about how Paizo's new baby should change this wiki.

There is a useful blog entry about what has been revealed so far here.

I feel strongly that all Starfinder content on the wiki should be placed in its own parallel wiki, like we attempted to do with the Pathfinder Online Wiki. Starfinder is a completely different game than Pathfinder, and while the universe they exist in is similar, they aren't the same thing. Sure, there will be an article in both wikis about Akiton, but given the undisclosed amount of time that has passed between the Pathfinder version of the planet and the Starfinder version, it will make for a very convoluted article to try to mesh them.

We can link between the two wikis easily, such as pointing to the SF:Akiton article from the PF one and vice-versa, but beyond that, I think they're best served as separate wikis.

I agree with Yoda, two separate wikis will be a lot easier to deal with, even if it means extra work for us generating two articles. Speaking of extra work, I'm glad that I've had more time to do more work on the wiki since we're down to basically two active users with Garrett's departure, but it's been pretty sparse around here.
I agree, for what its worth... Now that I'm actually starting an AP (Skull and Shackles) instead of just running society, I hope to be able to write articles as I prep. On an aside, are we able to set up the featured articles and stuff ahead of time, or does that process have to be in the week in question?
The featured articles and do you know? feature can be set up as far out as you like. I just haven't been able to get to it every week :(
Did Oznogon officially leave the wiki? I don't remember an announcement to that effect anywhere, but maybe I missed it.

Anyway, back to the point at hand, we have around 10 months to get a Starfinder Wiki set up before the game launches, which should be plenty of time. I think we can use the same framework we used for the PFO wiki, including quick linking between the two independent wikis, but I don't know how to set that up. That is something that I believe Oz (or possibly Aeakett) did. Can someone with more insight into the under-the-hood workings of such things chime in on what's involved?

Oznogon never officially quit, no. I know he's still around, as he replied to an email I sent him a few months ago, but he didn't let me know what happened. My guess is that he spread himself too thin and pulled back his commitments, but that's really just a guess, as I didn't want to pry.

Parallel wiki it is then - my preference too. is live. I'm copying templates and other features from PFW as I go. Nothing is bolted down yet, including the skin and design.

Also, interwiki linking and transclusion is enabled on both ends. For example, [[sfw:Human]] links to StarfinderWiki's article on humans.

And conversely, [[pfw:Human]] links to the PathfinderWiki from there. That brings up an interesting question: which pages do we migrate, and which do we just link to? Seems that it would be easiest to link to product pages, for instance.
I've modified the {{Interwiki}} template to be more useful in these cases. Calling it with {{Interwiki|wiki=sfw}} adds a notice box pointing to the same page name on StarfinderWiki:
SFW compass rose 150.png

This article might have further canon details available on StarfinderWiki.

Adding a page parameter allows you to point to a different SFW page:

SFW compass rose 150.png

This article might have further canon details available on StarfinderWiki.

The same box also works for PFO Wiki, to maintain compatibility with two pages on PFW that still haven't been migrated to PFO.

There's an equivalent template on StarfinderWiki to link back to PFW.

Thanks for setting this all up Oz.

I've also added the {{sfw}} template here, and the {{pfw}} template on StarfinderWiki. These make it a little easier and cleaner to add interwiki links, and also adds an icon to indicate that a link points to another wiki:

human Click this link to see if this article exists on StarfinderWiki.

These templates work just like interwiki links—simply swap the square brackets for curly braces, and the colon for a pipe (|).

[[sfw:Human]] becomes {{sfw|Human}}. [[sfw:Human|Human-like]] becomes {{sfw|Human|Human-like}}. To manually hide the icon, add hideicon=true: {{sfw|Human|Human-like|hideicon=true}} results in Human-like.

This also helps us to track which pages or templates use interwiki links, which we can't do otherwise.

Attempted to create an account over there, Oz, but moderated request failed with "Error sending mail: Failed to send data [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 554, response: Sandbox subdomains are for test purposes only. Please add your own domain or add the address to authorized recipients in Account Settings.)]". Wanna make me one ( or open up user registration for a bit so I can get in?
Updated the email settings over there. Try it again, it should work.
No errors on the signup, but also no email received.
Don't know what to tell you—emails went out on a test account signup, and mail logs indicate emails went out to you without errors returned from the destination. I'll keep testing.
Probably ignorable. I just did a "Forgot password?" and got the email just fine. I'm good.
Seems like, at least on the 19th when I attempted signup again, that was in the SpamCop RBL. Thus, blame spam filters.