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So today I was writing a quick article about Estarva Zansion, a bard mentioned on page 4 of Mythic Realms. S/he tells a story about a trip to the Cenotaph in the Hold of Belkzen. While I have no reason to doubt the truthfulness of Zansion, s/he is a bard and telling the story for money, which could lead some to believe that s/he might be embellishing a bit. Because of this, when I updated the article on the Cenotaph with the information, I added a caveat that the information was "according to Estarva Zansion". I think it might be a good idea to include that kind of specific callout for any information gleaned from quotes within publications, unless the information is later corroborated in the main text of the book. I think we can assume that anything within the main text of books (especially Campaign Setting books} is fact, but other things might fall under the purview of the unreliable narrator.

Sounds good. Is that something we should add to the Help pages for editing and creating articles?

I added the Collected Writings of Lord Ivrian Galanor to the List of works page last weekend, which could be another instance of this.
I think we should reach a consensus among the main editors before we add it to the help pages.