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Forum:Wiki Problems 17 Feb 2016

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Something's wrong - I have lost some edits this evening and I think Branding updated and that seems lost too. Last update before my most recent one at 20.46 is at 15.53. Any chance they can be found and restored please? Reaper's mask got a bit of a modernization for sure and the old page is loading when I look. I cannot remember exactly which other pages I touched unfortunately. Rivozair, File:Devil-bound Rivozair.jpg, new cat for Devilbound were some.

I noticed about a half-hour of downtime about an hour ago, and do recall seeing things on the Recent Changes special page prior to the downtime that are not there now. It looks like we had a server reversion. Oznogon is likely the only one who can confirm, but I believe there is no way to restore lost data that simply never saved to the server.

I shall try to redo though from my computer's history and my memory before I forget.